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Italy Toll Calculator

The free Toll Calculator app calculates gasoline and toll costs on all toll roads, bridges, turnpikes in Italy, USA, France, UK, Canada, Australia & India for cars, trucks, trailers, campers, buses and motorcycles.

Best Route Planning App for Truckers

Use TollGuru to know optimal routes across all toll roads, tunnels, bridges, turnpikes & tollways in the USA, Canada, Mexico on your desktop, phone, or tablet. Use TollGuru all-in-one route decision and navigation engine to plan, route, navigate and stay compliant.

Everything Costs

Total cost of your trip with breakdown for tolls, diesel, driver payments and Other Costs (that include truck leasing or purchase payments, permits, repair and maintenance, and insurance premiums).

Load board Rate Check

You can Rate Check price listed in a load board against the Total Cost shown by TollGuru to know whether it is worth your while to haul a load

Everything Tolls

Know everything about the tolls on your route including toll plaza locations, toll cost for each toll plaza (based on toll pass tag, cash or license plate), accepted toll passes for each toll plaza and toll rates for future trips.

Everything Routes

TollGuru offers the cheapest, the fastest and other compromise routes to choose from based on trade off between total trip cost and travel time. You will see your optimal routes based on what you are willing to pay to save time (VOT). If your VOT is too high, you will pick the fastest route. Therefore we cap VOT as willing to pay $100 to save 15 minutes of time

Everything Compliance

Hours of Service (HOS) stops, State mileage report, HazMat routing and Route restrictions – based on height, weight, axle count etc.

Everything Navigation

Turn-by-turn directions, Live weather, Live traffic, truck stops, weigh stations, fuel stops and precise ETAs.
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